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Quality Standards

Key Aims

Kingsway Training and North Lindsey College will operate within an ethos of continuous improvement and be committed to the development and improvement of facilities, products and services ensuring we provide a comprehensive and responsive range of business support services to organisations and individuals in our region.

The strategy is supported by Quality Standards which state that we will:

  • Acknowledge all initial enquiries within 2 working days
  • Provide written quotations for customised provision within 5 working days
  • Send course confirmations to clients 10 working days prior to programme commencement (or immediately for late bookings taken within that period)
  • Confirm all function arrangements within 5 working days of initial booking being made
  • Confirm all Global House event arrangements 5 working days prior to the event taking place (or immediately for late bookings taken within that period)
  • Operate extensive quality systems to monitor customer satisfaction and any activity demonstrating 7% dissatisfaction or more to be action-planned to resolution publicise the results for our clients
  • Review our open course provision twice a year to ensure it meets our clients needs and engage with clients in this process
  • Key clients are contacted at not less than three monthly intervals to provide feedback on training interventions
  • Observe all deliverers at least once a year to ensure a range of effective teaching and learning methods are used to deliver learning programmes
  • Ensure all staff and associate deliverers have relevant qualifications, skills and experience appropriate to their role at Global House

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