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Attending a training course can be quite daunting for some people. I had personal experience of this recently when I started a substantial training programme to achieve a qualification, which I felt was certainly going to take me out of my comfort zone. I know I used advice from others, and hints and tips picked […]

North Lindsey College and Kingsway Training Ltd were pleased to catch up with Elliott from Virgin Care Sexual Health North Lincolnshire to find out how taking on two Apprentices has helped service run more smoothly, and been instrumental in the achievement of key performance outcomes. Can you tell us a bit about Virgin Care Sexual Health […]

Colin Guthrie, Senior Business Consultant for Kingsway Training Ltd has been working with Harsco Metals for a number of years. In December, Colin visited Harsco Metals premises on the Tata Steel Rotherham works to present the Professional Award in Continuous Business Improvement Certificate to one student, Richard Townsend. Richard was one of Colin’s students who […]

Colin Guthrie - Senior Business Consultant

Working with Senior managers from a wide cross section of industries has taught me that encouraging them to read Management Journals on a daily basis is a critical part of their personal development and effectiveness. Senior business leaders ​need to be encouraged to see that part of their daily schedule is to read about the techniques […]

Sleepless nights? Feeling tense? Dreading work tomorrow? Can’t switch your thoughts away from work? Sometimes stress is not healthy. Read any book about stress management and you will find that there are positive and negative reasons for stress. Our physical and psychological reactions to stress can also be positive or negative. When we recognise ‘danger’ […]

Helen Rayner, a member of the Employability Team at North Lindsey College, gives an insight into a normal day as a Placement Officer…… The Employability Team are part of North Lindsey College but based at the Southbank Centre on Frodingham Road.  My role within the team is Placement Officer / Mentor.  The first part of […]

At North Lindsey College we have almost 700 young people in apprenticeships in the Lincolnshire and Yorkshire area. We have a specialised business development team who are responsible for making the process of taking on an apprentice as simple as possible. Apprenticeships are offered in all employment sectors, construction, engineering, health and social care, motor […]

Where do you get happiness and fulfilment in your life? How do you juggle work and home life balance? My family, friends and colleagues tell me that I work too hard and I know they are right. I regularly tell people there is more to life than work, nothing we do or don’t do is […]

Todays blog comes from Marketer, Esther Damary-Thompson – You would have thought that creating a fulfilling environment where individuals are respected for their talents and skills was the norm for businesses… So you will understand why I was shocked when the facts and figures proved different… First and foremost what is Employee Engagement…  David […]

Using Twitter in a business at first can be a foreign concept. What to tweet out and what to keep to yourself to ensure it is good for business.  I personally love twitter to use both personally and in my job. I tweet daily, not only about what’s happening within the company but things I […]

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