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Letting Policy

Kingsway Training is part of North Lindsey College. The College has a range of accommodation and facilities available for letting.

Individuals, groups, businesses and organisation can apply to use this range of accommodation and related facilities using the college letting scheme.


Applications for hire and details of accommodation type, availability cost and letting conditions together with more detailed information can be obtained from;
Kingsway Training, North Lindsey College
Kingsway, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, DN17 1AJ
Email –


All hirers should read the Letting Conditions and Health & Safety information before signing the Acceptance Slip for the booking. The purpose of these rules is to protect the hirer and North Lindsey College.

All hirers are required to complete and sign the Acceptance Skip. Failing to sign the Acceptance Skip will result in the letting being regarded as void.

In the event of a breach of these regulations North Lindsey College reserves the right to cancel any planned event without notice.

Access for Disabled People

North Lindsey College seeks to improve the services it offers and, in doing so, aims to take account of the needs of disabled people who might use its facilities.

The Letting of Premises Agreement requires potential customers/hirers to consider the needs of their delegates when assessing the suitability of our premises for their use.

On request, specific information relating to accessibility and emergency evacuation procedures for disabled people can be provided for individual facilities. We strongly recommend hirers/ users visit our accommodation prior to booking to ensure the facilities meet the needs of all their potential users.

Letting Conditions


Premises may only be used for the purpose for which they have been hired.
The hire does not include the use of any equipment that belongs to the college or that the hirer has not had included in the application for hire documentation.

The hirer must be over 18 years of age and shall be the person who signs the hire application. If the application is on behalf of a group, business or organisation the signatory will be a duly authorised officer or representative.

The hirer, if called upon by the college, will furnish for approval a copy of a programme of entertainment.

Should the programme not be approved by North Lindsey College, the hirer will be allowed to cancel without payment.

Sub-letting is strictly forbidden.

Where the hirer requires catering, hospitality or related services these will be provided by the college’s in-house services. Quotations for such services can be provided at the time of any enquiry. The hire of service provided and costs will be detailed within the quotation.

Failure to comply with the conditions detailed on the Acceptance Slip may incur additional charges. There shall be no variations of these conditions without the approval of North Lindsey College in advance.

North Lindsey College reserves the right of entry to the hired premises by any authorised officer of Kingsway Training or North Lindsey College who is carrying out official duties.

North Lindsey College reserves the right to refuse a particular activity if it is felt not to be an appropriate use of the facility or is not compatible with the company’s or college’s equal opportunity policy.


Fees for hiring premises within the North Lindsey College shall be in accordance with a scale of changes which is available in the application document. Further charges may be levied if additional running costs are incurred by the hiring of the premises. These fees are subject to revision form time to time by the college without notice.

The Principal has the authority to waive or deduce the fee in appropriate circumstances.

A returnable deposit may be required to cover damages at the time the hire fee is paid and on receipt of confirmation of the booking.


All hirers should ensure that they have adequate public liability insurance and, where appropriate, appropriate employers liability insurance. Evidence of this liability insurance may be requested at the time of booking.

Care of Premises

The hirer shall, at the end of the hire period, leave the premises in a clean and orderly state. Failure to do so may result in a charge for cleaning at a commercial rate.

The hirer shall be liable to all damages to the premises arising out of the hiring howsoever and by whomsoever caused, and shall indemnify the college against all loss, damage and expense. Any damage caused shall be reported immediately to the hirer and this will be confirmed in writing by Kingsway Training/North Lindsey College within ten working days.

The hirer is responsible for the preservation of good order during any hiring. Appropriate action should be taken by the hirer to ensure good order.

The hire of premises does not include the use of equipment owned by the college other than that which is identified within specific accommodation and stated on the hire documentation. Other equipment may be hired only with the approval of the college who will specify conditions and charge appropriate fees in respect of use as seen fit.

Health and Safety

The hirer is responsible for the health and safety of all persons using the hired premises.

The hirer must, prior to the booking, be fully aware of the fire precautions and the college’s’ fire evacuation procedures. A copy of these procedures can be requested via the Kingsway Training Team based at North Lindsey College.

North Lindsey College operate a No Smoking Policy. Smoking is not permitted anywhere within North Lindsey College campus.

The hirer must ensure that section 12 of the Children’s and Young Persons Act of 1993 is strictly complied with:

  1. Where there is provided in any building an entertainment for children, then, if the number of children attending the entertainment exceeds 100, then it should be the duty of the person providing the entertainment to station and keep stationed sufficient number of adults in attendance. Adults in attendance must be properly instructed as the their duties.
  2. The hirer should ensure that adults working with children and young people must be suitable persons in line with the 1993 Act.


Where a license is required for any purpose proposed by the hirer, the college should be notified. Such use may be covered by North Lindsey College own licensing arrangements. The scope of this cover will be confirmed at the time of a booking. Should North Lindsey College’s existing licensing arrangements not cover the scope of use by the hirer then the hirer must make appropriate licensing arrangements with the licensing authority.

Where a license is required for any purpose proposed by the hirer for the use of the premises this shall be notified at the time of submitting an application.The hirer shall strictly observe the conditions of any license agreement granted in respect of the hired premises.
The sale of alcohol on North Lindsey College premises is permitted but only if it is approved by Kingsway Training and where an appropriate license to sell alcohol has been obtained. Alcohol should not be consumed on North Lindsey College premises. Such use must be clearly detailed in the hire documentation and any licensing must be obtained.The hirer must comply with all provisions of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1998.

If the hier fails to do so any permission previously granted by the college shall immediately be cancelled and the college shall have the right to recover fees, charges or any other payments referred to in the regulations. The hirer shall, immediately after any performance of function, insure compliance with regulations relating to the performance of music or songs. The hirer shall indemnify the college against all actions, proceedings and costs, claims or demands arising out of the performance of copyright works on college premises.


By Kingsway Training / North Lindsey College

Kingsway Training has the right to cancel any hiring without notice, where it considers it necessary for any cause. Kingsway Training will always make every effort to give 28 days notice of cancellation.

In the event of a hiring being cancelled, any amounts already paid will be refunded in full, and the college shall not be held liable or required to pay compensation for any loss sustained as a result of or in any way arising out of the cancellation of the hiring.

By the hirer

Hirers will be allowed to cancel or postpone bookings subject to the following conditions –
The minimum notice for cancellation is 10 working days, anything less than that time will incur financial penalties which may result in charging the full cost of the room hire
Cancellation fees within this period are at the discretion of the Kingsway Training Business Manager.

Breach of Regulations

In the event of a breach of these regulations North Lindsey College / Kingsway Training reserves the right to cancel the letting without notice.

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