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Excellence in Leadership

Course Summary

  • Welcome, introductions, objectives and agenda;
  • Emotional Intelligence and The Leader;
  • The Power of Leadership;
  • Exploring Organisational Climate;
  • Leaders Create a Climate for Success;
  • Case study activity: Climate and Styles Case Analysis;
  • Action Planning, review and close.

This module aims

To explore the relationship between leadership styles and organisational climate and develop effective leadership skills that encourages, motivates and inspires others to achieve peak performance.

Suitable for

Middle managers that would like to build and maintain their reputation as a strong and effective leader.



  • Emotional Intelligence and The Leader;
  • The power of leadership – exploring six leadership styles;
  • Exploring the six dimensions of ‘organisational climate’ and how they impact on individual performance;
  • Leaders create a climate for success;
  • Case study activity: climate and styles case analysis;
  • Action planning, review and close.

Course Programme 2019 – 2020

July 2019

  • Thursday 4th July

October 2019

  • Thursday 3 October

January 2020

  • Thursday 2 January

April 2020

  • Thursday 2 April

July 2020

  • Thursday 2 July


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