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Hear how one local cafe is not looking back after taking on an Apprentice

“I contacted NorthJpeg Lindsey College as I wanted to discuss the option of taking on an Apprentice as I felt I wanted to give a young person the opportunity to find a vocation and follow it through with a hands on approach and actual experience in the workplace.

As a business I want it to grow with people who started out at the beginning and to develop and mature with my business with a view to staying and building on the foundations that are now in place.

As this project is in the early stages it would be difficult to say how much of an impact the Apprentice, Kieran has made other than responding in the appropriate manner to the training he is undertaking both with myself and North Lindsey College and should he maintain his current attitude he will truly find the vocation he so obviously wants.

His College Mentor is providing valuable assistance to both myself and Kieran on a fortnightly basis which helps us both to stay on track both in house and home studies.

The support is invaluable and a necessary addition to develop Kieran’s first year and pave a way forward for his future career.

I am very satisfied with the help and support given to me by North Lindsey College.

Everything is going according to the plan that was first put in place and I am quite sure that if there was any deviance it would be quickly corrected”.

David Jones, Owner of Valentine’s Cafe and Caterers based in Scunthorpe.

Valentine’s Café and Caterers was established in December 2014 to supply in house quality food to members of the public, providing home cooked breakfasts, snacks and hearty meals.

We also supply a “Meals on Wheels “ type delivery service to those who need it most ie the elderly, infirm and vulnerable. Including a selection of finger and cold buffets for most occasions.

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